Download Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.8.13 – WordPress advanced custom fields

Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.8.13 - WordPress advanced custom fields
Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.8.13 - WordPress advanced custom fields

Advanced Custom Fields Prois the perfect solution for any WordPress site that needs more flexible data, such as other content management systems. ACF PRO plugin contains additional custom fields of the 5th version, repeater field, gallery field, flexible content and page parameters. The ACF Pro plugin is a GUI layer for custom fields, but not a “wonderful 1 click” plugin. This plugin will allow you to easily save post data, but will not magically display it on the website. To do this, you need to edit your theme and create the markup you want. The ACF Pro plugin is “lightweight” but a powerful plugin. You can create UI forms, global page variations, and even save custom field data for taxonomy terms.


Field The Group field contains your custom fields, positioning rules, and display options. Each “group” field will use location rules to display the fields on a specific edit screen, and then use the on-screen display options to customize the page. A typical group field looks like this:

In the group field you can create your own fields. An example of this would be a group called “Artist” which contains 2 fields “Biography” and “Works”.

Each field has a large number of different options that serve to change its type (text, selection action, check-box, full edit mode, etc.), default value, required status, etc. You can purchase add-ons to unlock more powerful field types: repeater field, gallery field, and flexible content.

Positioning Rules
Similar to iTunes Smart Playlist Rules, ACF Pro Plugin Positioning Rules allow you to connect different groups to the edit screen. There are different types of connectors: by post, by ID number, by page template, by taxonomy, etc.

Display options
When a group field appears on the edit screen, the parameters for that field are automatically loaded. They allow you to hide elements on the page. For example, if you want the main editor to be hidden while the “Artist” field is displayed. This minimizes the editing screen and allows for more convenient content placement.

Displaying ACF Pro plugin data in your theme
The AFC Pro plugin is very easy to use and has a powerful library of functions for loading and displaying custom data. The plugin uses WP built-in postmeta functions, but is also capable of formatting a value based on type fields and preference fields. This allows you to write less code and develop smarter websites!

The AFC Pro plugin will require you to have some prior knowledge of modifying your theme and an understanding of PHP code. After you edit the correct template file, a simple the_field (‘hero_text’) will show the secondary (display) value and get_field (‘hero_text’) will return it back to use as a variable. Be sure to read about all of the available features before getting started on your theme. This is to ensure that the code is written only once, without any modifications!



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